Check out this amazing handmade modular synthesizer

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Ooh, you can fold it and keep it patched! Noice.

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Built in tape delay? Be still, my heart.


In a way this is the antithesis of modular synthesis (sorry to be that guy) as this looks like just a collection of pre-existing commercial hardware locked off in a real world ‘skin’. The patch cables on the left of the panels and to the keyboard seem to be just I/O between the four folding sections and there doesn’t look like there is any patch bay matrix that would afford the real flexibility of a modular system.

In a way I’m thinking this is more an art piece that is ironically taking the piss out of the rising fetish of the eurorack systems that have a spaghetti of patch cables on the surface signifying the brilliant mad scientist musicians ability to harness electricity to make bleeps and bloops.

Now get off O’ my AstroTurf and let me mod my 808!!


Yasif is right. This is a Korg Minilogue and 3 effects in a nice looking bespoke case. It is not a modular synth.

It also appears that this was designed for looks and not for actual use. The wood panels cover up most of the original panel labelling. OK if you’re intimately familiar with the units in question, but not terribly practical otherwise.

And a RD-8 is an inexpensive 808 platform for mods :slight_smile:


I appreciate the aesthetic as product protoype but also agree with the assessments from @Yasif and @Seamo.

Also it reminds me of a portable version of the 3-tier Mother32/dfam/harmonicon stand.

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Thanks to @Yasif, @Seamo and @Garymon for rescuing me before I forwarded this to a friend who loves his synths and would probably have been offended if I enthused…


They’re all correct of course but it still is lovely.


I agree.

@LutherBlisset Nitpicking terminology aside I appreciate this.I didn’t mean to dissuade anyone.


It appears to be an old Radio Shack Micro-Moog just repackaged and given yello knobs.

“Yello knobs,” you say?

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Oh No! Please pass this on.

I was criticizing the “modular” reference and not the build of this instrument. I would love to have it as I know it would sound good given the components and it is a great piece of maker design. As I mentioned I think this is more of an art piece but I’m sure any synth enthusiast would love to have this.

I fully apologise for not making my comment more clear.


I might also have to apologize to be more clear: terminology matters to my friend, and if I wrote an enthusiastic message about how someone build a modular homemade synth, I might have gotten… The Eye.

I can pass it on as “hey, look, there is a funny and best mod case”. I think.

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