Moog brings back its famed 1973 modular synthesizers



I wonder how much my liver would go for in the black market today.


I wanted one so bad when I was a kid.

Yea, I was a geek.

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Sheesh, I still want one.

Yeah, you can digitally emulate all of this… but… blech.


Some day, if I save my pennies (and convince the wife that the kids would be better off without college), I want one of these:


Hey the Model 15 is a mere $10,000, and will pay for itself in some way! Also, how many great people of history actually went to college? None of them, I swear!

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Don’t get me wrong, I like the whole retro tech thing…But as a practical matter, my understanding is that “duophonic keyboard” means that after $35k you still can’t play three finger chords on it…This is a great illustration of how far we’ve gone.

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Two be frank, you only get two notes, but they are really fucking great.


Got this in my email yesterday. Cool news! I used two of the original Model 15’s (plus a Buchla, PDP 11, & D to A converter) in a class on electronic music back in 1976, taught by composer Larry Austin ( I still have the (well, rather awful) piece I put together as a final project, converted from 1/2" tape to 1/4" tape to mp3.

Now I have a copy of Arturia’s virtual Moog Modular to fiddle around with, which only cost a couple of hundred bucks.

It’s interesting to see history repeat itself! If only Bob Moog was still alive to see it.


Does it still drift out of tune? I’m not paying that kind of money if it isn’t going to drift out of tune like the original.


I played a Model 15 at the New England Synthesizer Museum years ago, it was kewl but In wouldn’t buy one. It just didn’t suit my style,

Also, Tonto - while largely Moog - was named after the Serge NTO, or New Timbral Oscillator.

We had one of those, almost unused, at Mass Art in 1984. Almost unused. A couple of successful producers spent some serious time in the lab. Tim and Wally, I’m looking at you.

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Old equipment seems to be a solid investment. 35,000 might seem like a lot but it is limited addition so I don’t imagined it would ever go down in value.

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