Check out this behind-the-scenes footage of the new game Star Wars: Outlaws

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Well, it’s guaranteed to be better than Star Wars: In-laws.


Not guaranteed. Star Wars games have been a mixed bag

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As it’s an open-world game (that Ubisoft rather has a set formula for), it’ll be interesting to see if they break with it or manage to do anything new or interesting with that formula, or if it’s more a distraction from the good bits of the game. Based on the trailer and the nature of Star Wars, it seems like the strength of the game would come from tight plotting and being open world wouldn’t contribute much of anything, but I guess we’ll see.


However, on the gaming end of the equation, Star Wars has arguably never been in a better place.

Really? What are you thinking of here? To me, the situation seems incredibly bad.

I think of Battlefront, which was first a disappointment and then a major microtransactions debacle, and then Fallen Order, which was a second-tier project that became a surprise hit, in part because of the hunger for Star Wars content and the lack of any real alternative. The exciting Amy Henning project fell apart for unclear reasons. I see mostly a wasteland and inexplicably squandered opportunities.

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I’m really happy that we’re finally getting a Star Wars game where you’re not playing a Jedi of some sort. There’s always been a ton of non-Jedi stuff you could be doing with the Star Wars universe and only just in the last few years have we seen more of that content in the movies and the shows. It’s about time the games caught up.


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