Check out this clip of George Carlin talking about telephones in the 70s

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The clip really highlights Carlin’s talent as a physical comedian. He toned it down later on but on-stage movement was important in his later career.


We saw Carlin in the late 90s or early 2000s.

He started out laugh out loud funny and then he went off into some weird political agenda that would have been fine but he quit being funny. People were looking around at each other with the wtf look.

Many people left including us after about 20 minutes of him not coming back around.

Have you ever called someone and forgot who you were calling… omg yes.


I miss George Carlin; he wasn’t perfect by any means, but he was spot on about a lot of things.

Just imagine what he’d have to say about the state of world if he were alive today.

Also my fav bit from him is obligatory:


In some ways he got it all in before he died.


I got to see him live in the early 2000s. A fun show. After his main show, he said he was working on an HBO special and proceeded to do about another half hours worth, though he used notes for that part. Kinda cool to see how the sausage was made!

I also remember the fucking Westboro Baptists church was outside - on the way in. They always leave before a show ends so you don’t fuck with them afterwards.


“It’s a big club… and we ain’t in it.”


He’d have a lot of rant material.

RE your linked video: I’ve never understood why homophobic, Testosterone-fueled macho guys hate women and want to hang out and bond with their fellow males.


He performed at my college in 96 or 97. It was the worst standup show I’ve ever attended, and I’ve been strong-armed into seeing Larry The Cable Guy. He started by saying he hated doing college shows because the audiences aren’t as smart as they think they are or something like that, then he proceeded to just complain about getting famous enough for college students to attend his shows but not wealthy enough to avoid performing at colleges. There were maybe two or three jokes in the whole set. He brought his typical curmudgeon but left out the funny completely. It was not a representative show since I have always enjoyed his work but it was definitely a disappointment.


The portion about being placed on hold would make a much better soundtrack for waiting on hold than the atrociously over-compressed loops of Musak we’re normally subjected to.


In this day when digital playback systems are affordable, why does most hold music sound like it’s being played from a 30 year old cassette tape?

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You answered your own question…


Because they fear and hate women, but also desire them. They are pissed that women now have (in theory, at least) equal rights to men, and want to go back to a world where they can do whatever they want to women and get away with it, because we no longer have rights…


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