Check out this miniature, drivable James Bond Aston Martin DB5 with a $123,000 price tag

Parents buy their kids nostalgia from their own childhood all the time. Perhaps it’s the childhood they relate to more than their kid’s own childhood. Lot’s of parents doing wish fulfillment - their wishes.

But, yeah, $123K :open_mouth:

Something to putter around in whilst inspecting one’s estate.


No idea? I’ve never seen that one - do they defend Japan from cute aliens that are trying to steal their landmarks?

But if you have not seen Ground Defense Force Mao Chan, it’s great fun. I highly recommend it.

Can’t see a Shriner without this popping into my head


No but they do compete in the grand tradition of sensha-dō (the way of the tank), which is a sport that involves tank battles between rival girls schools. The schools are built atop aircraft carriers and are all Japanese but each one has a theme tied to a WWII national power.
Oh and sensha-dō is considered a traditionally feminine activity like tea-ceremony and flower arranging.


That (and the original Ferrari 250 is looks to be based on) looks a lot like a Jaguar XKSS.


From a Wiki:

According to an old film called “Introduction to Sensha-dō”, the purpose of Sensha-dō is for women to grow their self-esteem, assist them in becoming professional and efficient citizens and develop the characteristics necessary to become good wives and mothers. Given the film was released in 1939 and sound more like propaganda, by the time of the events featured in the anime Sensha-dō is seen and treated more like a sport in which girls have fun and compete generally in a friendly way and where you have, like in most modern-day sports, leagues, tournaments, regulations, teams and spectators watching Sensha-dō matches in the stands or in television.


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Sounds Kawaii!

Definitely check out Mao Chan when you can. It’s great fun!

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I’m shocked @Mindysan33 didn’t catch this reference!





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