Floor-mat tycoon buys world's most expensive car - a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO for $70 million


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Those are good floor mats but a little expensive.


You’re immediately part of this sort of secret society that includes some of the world’s most interesting men," Gushue notes – not to mention the richest.

Sort of secret, in that it’s not really secret? Aside from equating money with being interesting, and all of the dick waving, it is a pretty car.


Probably will never drive it. Just rub it down with a diaper.


Wonder who sold it and why they wanted out of this particular fraternity.


Good taste floor mat guy. Good taste.


I get it’s his money and if he likes cars and this is rare, go ahead… But how do we end up with singular people who can just dump this amount of cash to tick a box at the top of their collection list?


It really is a lovely bit of machine.


I think they were the most expensive cars even before this purchase.


For some perspective on $70 million.

That car would look nice in the living room.




Sweet music…


Bah! Here’s a 250 GTO you can own for just 1/160000th the cost of Mr. MacNeil’s … but you’d have to be 1/18th of your size in order to fit in it. Oh, and the engine doesn’t really work – but the steering and suspension do, and the seats are (appropriately in this red version) are of leather-trimmed textile!


It’s a gorgeous car – one of the most beautiful car shapes ever – but even if I could easily afford it, I’d see no point in buying a vehicle that could only be done justice by racing it around – what it was designed for. And I don’t see any enjoyment in owning a vehicle that requires frequent servicing and teardowns.


My 1974 Dodge D-200 Pick Up for $1850.00 US Dollars was a deal then?


With the baby still in it for even distribution of wax.


Sure it’s nice - but they’ll regret the repair costs.


There’s that much money in floor mats? Who knew?


I might be moving to Montana soon. Gonna be a floor mat tycoon.


Someone who wanted $70 million more than a car. . . .which could be anybody I suppose.