Ferrari improved




Ah, the discreet charm of a humble sportsman…


Gold is best. Best. Best! BEST!



Class-based snobbery at its best. No surprise this post is from someone with a British background.


The same classy unpretentiousness that’s popular in the elite circles of Russia and the USA.


I don’t know, it looks better than the flame designs that have been popular in recent years.


I love the way that the Mail pixelized the number plate so the car couldn’t be identified. After all there must be thousands of similar cars…


Everyone in Britain is motivated by classist pretensions, you are correct.


Mock it if you must, but everyone knows that the shiny gold car is the best, arguably tied with the one that changes colors when you run it under hot water.


I don’t know… seems to me that a Ferrari is inherently ostentatious… so I say pull out all the stops, and good work!

I reaffirm my commitment: if I’m ever rich enough to own such a car, I’ll cover every inch of mine with EL wire! Won’t that look all cool on the playa?


and Iraq. And Queens.


There must be a few lonely geneticists and pharmacologists out there, working frantically to find the breakthrough that will finally allow us to buy taste, after all these centuries…


Why bother to blur the tag numbers? We know whose car it is.


£4,000 only? That … won’t last long will it?!

If I take this guy on and win, do I get the car?


It looks suprisingly good.

I think I shall pay to coat my 1991 toyota corolla in a similar style :slight_smile:


So what’s the problem with this wrap, then?

Seems to be a “you can’t buy taste” kind of comment, where only those who were born with enough money to be raised to have “good” taste get to avoid this kind of criticism.


Finally, I feel better about covering my Subaru with rhinestones.


perhaps you misread the headline.


In Britain, most of the working and middle class people who save for years to get a sports car have no desire to cover it in gold, or gold vinyl as in this case. Howerver, considering that the article is from the Daily Mail and the owner of the car has an arabic name, I wouldn’t be surprised if its a dogwhistle to racists. It’s just another reason not to link to their articles.