Check out this remake of a classic Japanese portable record player

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Does it have out for amplification, yes? So sad headphone not RCA.

Techmoan and Technology Connection have some of the best videos on youtube.

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No, just the headphone jack. But at least that’s in stereo now.

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I was legitimately impressed with the headphone output: (timecode link to just before he demos it)

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Was hoping someone could chime in here and illuminate us on the audio quality of mini jack v RCA @Aleqi @frauenfelder or other connectors… is it just the sturdiness of the connection.

I understand the theory of balanced connectors and cables - the third wire/connector phase cancels noise but apart from having to Frankenstein cables together is there a benefit of RCA over mini jack in audio quality?


Mini jacks are fragile and most mini TRS to RCA adapters are rubbish. You can push more gain with balanced cables than without introducing less noise or distortion at line level.

1/4" jacks can be easily cleaned or replaced but good luck cleaning fixing mini jack. Also phono RCA is not the same voltage as DVD RCA or something else like a mini TRS hooked up to a phones headphone jack.

Pre amplified or signal level should be as high quality as possible because all the noise gets amplified and can sound really trash. 1/4" jumpers are pretty much the standard for adding effects pedals and synth and mixer and guitars and stuff like that. Microphones on the other hand… Well don’t worry about them unless you must.

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Thank you for your response.

My setup is a couple of Korg Volcas with mini jack outputs only, an Arturio Microphreak and Modal CraftSynth 2.0 both with 1/4" mono outputs all going into an analogue mixer (1/4 inch inputs) as well as a 48v phantom powered condenser mic balanced in.

Not that I have a choice, but I gather this is optimal for audio quality and modding for other cable connections would be a waste of time?

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Cool! Link a sample and I would love to hear you.

If it ain’t broke don’t bother. 1/4" can be very cheap for DIY and if that’s fun for you then go for it.

I like to use combo plugs like 1/4" & Speakon for fixing old speakers add a 5 way terminal and use a nice terminal block inside to tie it all together. Thus you can plug into anything and go.

Many troubles that arise from mini headphone stereo plugs can be prevented with hot glue to keep everything from breaking from vibration and poor strain relief.

Then again if you have no kids or cat and your gear always sits on a shelf at home then RCA and mini TRS are perfectly fine. Till you move. Then be gentle.

I own this exact model, right down to the color. I bought it around 2005 and it’s still going strong. The cozy it knit for it is a little less pristine.

The sound is exactly how you’d imagine a period replica to be- vintage mediocre. As a person who owns most of my music on records, I really enjoyed a way to play them outside the house. But I know that’s not really a selling point for many people. Portable record players are more commonly used by people shopping the stacks.

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