Chemist behind "Spice" drug production arrested


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“mix of dried plant materials sprayed with synthetic cannabinoids”

I find that cannabis is a fairly convenient and safe source of cannabinoids.


Yeah but cannabis shows up on drug tests. “Synthetic cannabinoids” don’t! The only people I knew that every smoked that stuff were getting drug tested often.


He who controls the spice controls the universe.


The spice extends life. The spice expands consciousness.


Man, journalists love saying “rat poison,” don’t they? I wonder if they mean Warfarin, which is a blood thinner and also rat poison. It’s a cheap, effective drug; I have scads of clients who take it.


The spice must flow.


I smoked spice while it was still legal. It was an awesome drug. JWH-020 is about 50x stronger than THC, but only lasts 10 minutes or so.

So it was sorta the best of both worlds for me. I could come home, smoke a bowl or two of spice, unwind, then when it wore down, I was back to full clarity and could go out and get groceries and stuff without feeling stoned and paranoid.

But yeah, there were a lot of cases of people getting poisoned in conjunction with heavy long-term use, most likely because the stuff was totally unregulated, and had lots of pesticides and crap in it.


You were doing spice that was different than what was going around Colorado a couple summers ago. We had many violently psychotic patients needing care in our ER that summer who had smoked spice. Maybe the CO supply was cut with something evil, but it wasn’t showing up on our toxicology tests and the patients were not safe to take care of when they would first arrive. Bad stuff, that was.


I absolutely won’t dispute that spice could likely tip people already predisposed to psychosis over the edge.

I mean, look at the research on plain old weed. THC has been shown to exacerbate psychosis, and trigger psychotic episodes in people who either have the genetics for schizophrenia or who already have been diagnosed. And THC is only a partial Cannabinoid receptor agonist. Most of the synthetic analogues are dozens to hundreds of times stronger at binding and activating CB1, and nearly all of them are complete receptor agonists. So it’s not surprising to me that the synthetic cannabinoid analogs cause problems you don’t typically see with plain old weed. And probably cause problems a lot more often in the populations already at high risk to have bad reactions to weed.

ETA, as far as I know, most of the synthetic analogs last less than half an hour at the longest. Were you having people brought in that were psychotic for a really long time? Or did they clear up pretty fast? I mean, if we’re talking violently psychotic, couldn’t the cops just leave them in the back seat of the squad car till they came down in five minutes?


I read this last week and it seems appropriate to mention here.




I sell health insurance to seniors. It is very glamorous. Sometimes we discuss blood thinners.


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