Cherokee Nation asks Jeep to drop the name

Let’s call it Fiat Chivasso. Happy now?

I drive a Grand Cherokee.

At least they got a relatively good car named after them. Everyone in the country had cause to be upset at the Rambler American.

I figured that the helicopters were a nod to the Indian Scouts.

And there was an active attempt to tie helicopter units to horse mounted calvary, though Coppola might be exaggerating a bit

The practice of naming weapons, and developing systems of nomenclature that might prove to be subsequently problematic (cf Paladin and Crusader) was instigated by the British.

It’s weird seeing the number 64 with a character like that and having it not be some forgotten or unreleased game for Nintendo’s console.

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Just the year of publication… I have the yearbooks for 1964, '65, '66, and '67… when I attended. I might have my mother’s 1949 in her cedar chest, too. Haven’t opened it in decades.

Yep, there’s a couple of layers wrong here… “Indian” as a mistake for ‘naming’ North American native cultures, using the word to evoke power and fllight, as well as the way that stereotypes of Asian Indian culture and motorcycles evokes a more utilitarian mode of transport.