Chess grandmaster accused of cheating with iPhone in toilet


I hope that someday in the future robots will keeps little, tiny humans in their pockets for what we are good at … crying or whatever.


What must it be like to have dedicated your life to mastering a skill that can be done better by an iPhone.
It’s pathetic to use the phone, but it’s also kinda pathetic not to, when you think about it.


The pathetic thing is that no single human has anywhere near the brainpower to design or build an iphone from scratch. Even the folks that built the iphone are just cogs in a big machine now.


The actual game, when played between humans of the highest ability, is a game of psychology. They should go ahead and let them use computers right at the table and see how it develops. You would still have best and second best.

In a sense you could just reduce it to a staring match at that point. The win would be a little harder to judge, though.


Not after the Butlerian Jihad, they won’t.


Embedded app = Grandmaster Flash.


sure, except that’s been true since at least the time of the steam engine.

Ah, looks like chess is going the way of big league sports. Next it’ll be steroids, and then thuggish Grand Masters hopped up on performance enhancers will be on trial for beating their spouses, murder and more…

Grandmaster Slash?

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Actually there are very specific rules for staring contests.

But let’s not forget the unsung hero of chess.


I can see the 2025 world championship match under your rules. Every game would be

  1. e4 e5
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Valid point that even commercial steam engines require multiple people to design, but I know of a lot more people who build steam engines from scratch in their backyards than who build smartphones from scratch in their garages.

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And to be smarmy…

That’s why I play go.

Not that I think I could match top chess players at any point in my life, just that I don’t see this kind of behavior at all at the pro or club level. Personally, I’ve never even seen a go board thrown across a room. Ever.

Every time I see this headline, I completely skip the word “chess”, read it as “grandfather accused…” and wonder why the old dude was fooling around with his phone, and picture how pissed grandma was to discover it.
Even after reading the story.

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You wait ages for a chess story to come up, and then two come along at once.

Also, I think Nigel Short is playing Kasparov again soon. Any Brits here remember how hyped up their World Championship match was? (and how one-sided it ended up?)

You’re playing in the wrong clubs. I don’t think I’ve been to a casual night that didn’t see at least one board hurled across the room.

the king had to return to the throne to drop a rook

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Hiding in the toilet = Grandmaster Flush.