Chew resistant leash for dogs who need a chew resistant leash


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I’ll never forget the day I had my wonderful Brunhilde leashed to both my washer and drying machine, while greeting guests. I giggle about it now.

She didn’t chew the leash, it was much, much worse. God I miss my dog.


Had a Saint Bernard - English Setter mix back in the day who chewed through a chain link fence to get out of his kennel.


I miss your Cujo too.


Nemo will not stand to be left waiting outside the local pub. He chews his leash, or harness, off and joins whomever dared leave him inside.


Hoo boy. Really? Did it inherit the Setter’s mental faculties. A dog that big and that daft would be… interesting.


Yeah. He was extremely intelligent, and only slightly smaller than a purebred Saint Bernard.


See, NOW I’m surprised. I’ve never met a setter wasn’t as dumb as a bag of hammers.


Oh yeah, we had a radio fence with a proximity warning beep. Moose the dog figured out that if he didn’t hear the warning beep, then he wouldn’t be shocked. So he’d sit at the edge of the radio fence, wear out the battery in the collar with the constant warning beep, then walk out to explore the neighborhood.


Nemo is invited to join me anytime, expected or unexpected. Especially in a pub.


Have you tried saturating the leash in Bitter Apple and letting it dry?


Thats a good idea. Might stop him.


That gave me a good laugh. Thankfully our Moose isn’t that clever. But what he lacks in brains he makes up for in good-natured great dane brawn.

Only once have I tied him up, to a bike rack in front of the local burrito joint as I picked up. Moose bolted after, tearing the anchors out of the concrete and dragging the rack along with him. Luckily the staff was gracious and amused, if not a bit astonished.

As for these leashes, the climbing rope style have lasted us much longer than your typical webbed belt leash, but we used a chain leash until Moose was old enough to stop turning a brief chat with a neighbor during a stroll into a game of impatient tug o’ war. He doesn’t like the dense chain on his teeth which ultimately broke the habit, but YMMV.


Every dog enthusiast, I tell the same thing.
“Some day I will have twelve Irish wolfhounds.”

They all laugh, groan, then whimper in that order, as I stare back at them.


My mother’s great pyr was an escape artist. Any type of enclosure, she would take as a challenge. If she couldn’t dig or bite her way out, she’d climb. The least graceful, awkward climbing. People on the other side of town would call: “hey, I found your dog…”

My buddy who I took my apartment over from had an awesome pit bull. He wasn’t a very good owner and never took him for exercise. So I’d walk him up to the L5P Chevron with the only leash available in the house, just some random rope. Tied him up, went into the Chev, grabbed my beer. Next person to open the door, Wally runs in. I look at the clerk, “sorry man!” and go after him. Wally loves this game and makes 4 or 5 circuits around the Chev with me trying to grab him. Of course, when a stranger came in, he went right up to her to get petted. The clerk was not feeling it at all.


In an alternate reality where this was a @beschizza post


Ever thought to try a chain leash?


Really? All this support for someone who’s treating the symptom rather than the disease? Who ever gave y’all it was ok to let any dog, no matter how young, put a leash in his mouth? You are the alpha dog, and make sure your dog(s) know that. Same goes for tying to a post (not that I recommend taking a dog somewhere when you’re just going to leave him tied up while you do your shopping or drinking or whatever). Train your dog to understand that being connected to a hitching post means it’s time to lie down & take a nap until you come back.
(Edited: I can’t believe I typed “leach” for “leash” :slight_smile:


for dogs who need a chew resistant leash

/looks guiltily at floor


I give him to the end of the month…