Flexi Freedom retractable cord dog leash


Anyone using a retractable leash needs to be beaten with their own selfie stick.


I agree. People don’t pay enough attention when walking their dogs on a 6 ft. lead. The Flexi allows their dogs to run around people’s ankles, tripping otherwise unsuspecting people, run up to other dogs who don’t have to meet “Buddy”, thank you very much, run in front of cyclists, cars, etc. And if you’re not paying attention, or miss whatever it is a 60 lb. dog decides to run after the laws of physics kick in before you get a chance to hit the stop button. It’s happened to me, luckily on the beach where I landed on soft sand after a Bugs Bunny-like horizontal flight in mid air. I’m not saying Flexies are totally unacceptable but the user better be considerate and aware at all times. Better to use one when in areas without other people, dogs, bikes…


Is this satire or a sponsored post? If neither, I’m disappointed.


I may be labeled a bad person, but I use a choke chain and standard lead 24/7. And she never walks more than three feet away, ever. She is a sweet, loving dog but she gets herself into awful situations. After the first two or three minutes she is in “doggie zen” and everything is perfect.

With a neck chain I can guide her with a single finger. With a non retracting collar she will pull out in 15 seconds.


This, a thousand times this!

I’m a veterinarian, and I cannot tell you how many dogs I’ve seen that have been injured while on these stupid goddamn “leashes” or have been injured (usually bitten) because some other owner wasn’t fast enough on the button control, and nice little fido ran up and attacked another dog.

IMHO, these are basically for people who want to legally have their dog on a leash without really having a significant degree of control or restraint. The “off the leash leash” if you will.


My wife and I had to rescue a dog in a park that was basically pulling a, “FENTON! FENTON!” moment. Coursers course, sheep dogs gather sheep. Keep’em on a short leash and teach them young.


You are awesome. As noted in another reply, I’m a veterinarian, and I actually advise that people train their dogs with a choke chain and standard lead. Proper training is neither cruel or inhumane, and leads to a lifetime of good behavior. I see more injured dogs than I really should, and a lot of it is because the owners do not have control of their dogs when they’re “on leash” (and don’t even get me started on owners who refuse to put a collar on tight enough that the dog can’t easily slip out of it…).

I’ve only ever met one dog that wouldn’t train with a chain (and she was a bloody idiot). She was a friend’s dog, and was so dumb and hyperactive that she would literally choke herself out (yes, blue cyanotic tongue and all) if allowed to. One time she got so excited that she ran to the end of her leash/chain and flipped herself completely head over heels. That dog simply didn’t care about the chain, but ended up responding well to a halti (the under chin type lead).


Why not just train your dog to follow your lead? And then lead.

It seems a little more consistent than letting them run all around anywhere they want to go except for when you don’t want them someplace and drag them back like you’re reeling in that tuna. I mean, chasing the squirrel means they clothesline themselves at the end or yank it out of your hand and then you’re truly out of luck.

It seems easier to just train your dog instead of being inconsistent. I recommend The Other End of the Leash (not affiliate link)


…aaaand, right now. Apologies for the messy room.

I also need to stop taking so many animal pics…


I love my Flexi Leash. I, however, use the giant one made for great danes for my husky. It is longer, and stronger. It is the best product I ever bought for my dog. Flexi offers a lifetime warranty.

As to the other comments, choke chains stink as being choked sucks. Flexi leashes allow the leash to be two to 26 feet depending on the situation. If people don’t know how to use them, that is the people’s fault not the dogs fault. A dog having a little freedom is wonderful.


Mayhem in the streets, I tell ya!

Lemme show ya schumpdin!!

This all seems a little over the top and shrill… As a vet, I’m sure you’re exposed to all the worst case scenarios but I think it may have distorted your perception a bit…

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people use retractable leashes here in the city and I’ve never witnessed a single incident. No bloodcurling screams in the streets or desperate howls of injury that I’ve witnessed.

I think (like almost anything) these things in the wrong hands can be a danger. However, I love retractable leashes. I use them in busy areas (keep it locked). When I get to an open area, I unlock it and give the dog some happy leeway and guide the leeway with the trigger. Many Dogs over many years… no injuries to dogs or humanity whatsoever. I’ve seen plenty of people on standard leashes that can’t honestly say the same.

We’ve seen people use them literally everyday in Capitol Hill (Denver and other cities) for many years and we’ve never witnessed a single bad incident with retractable leashes (I just asked my SO and friends to check on this). And, this has been with a balcony view above the streets where we daily sit and people/dog watch.

While I can see disadvantages of retractable leases (in the wrong hands) the same can be said for those using a standard leash where the dog slows down, creates slack in the line, the owner trips over it and dies in agony.


The Flexi Freedom retractable cord leash is a tool. In the hands of a responsible dog owner and attached to the collar of a well-trained dog, it’s a fine tool.

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Have you tried the “Gentle Leader”? It’s a halter that fits over your dog’s head exactly like a horse halter. It allows you to lead your dog by the head rather than the neck or shoulders. That said I have no problem with a choke collar if used as delicately as service dog trainers used to use them—just a touch, but how many people are that adept? Service dogs have moved on to using Halties. Check 'em out.


I’ve tried haltis… I love my companion but she takes after my mindset, kind of nuts. She is officially a senior now so I may retry, but it is challenging.

I was actually at the vet this morning talking about a few issues, and this came up. The vet said it was anxiety, but I know her behaviors issues arent–its enthusiasm :smile: which medically may make zero difference but I think it does with obedience.

It’s a lot like the “responsible gun owner” argument. There are lots of responsible ones but the irresponsible Flexi owners do cause mayhem in the streets.


Who’s a good dog?!

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Do some research. These retractable “leashes” are the utmost worst for pets. Delete this article to stop spreading this horrible thing. Seriously, I know boing boing just regurgitates stuff on the web but at least try to do some research once in a while on what you’re reposting.


Your vet might have been referring to “leash aggression” where a dog feels threatened and can’t escape while on leash when approached by other dogs. I had a Lab (otherwise as sweet as could be) who went berserk every time we passed another dog. Talk about embarrassing. She only got over it when she got so old she couldn’t jump up in the air and howl and act silly. She was a rescue who had been over kenneled BTW and lacked certain social skills.

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