Chicago Police Accountability Task Force Report: racism, corruption, and a "broken system"


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So that’s the problem - there weren’t enough task forces before.


I have to admit that I’m pleasantly surprised that an ‘evidence based review’ managed to make it out. For all their enthusiasm about data-driven policing(ComStat and its imitators), just touching the idea of ‘CopStat’ as being a reasonable application of statistical approaches we’ve already agreed are sound for perp-ology purposes…rarely goes over well.


“I don’t want to die” was a valid reason for a former boss not to send me to the USA for business reasons (and I’m an older white male).


“sabotages their own dashcams”

That should be a felony with a mandatory dismissal from your position with no pay and no pension pending a trial by your peers.


The City of Chicago has had one-party rule longer than did the USSR.


File this under the “No shit Sherlock!” category.


So I thought to myself “well at least they don’t pick on older hispanic females when they’re just walking down the street”. Then I realized that’s probably because the older hispanic ladies have probably been taught by hard experience never to leave their houses.

Also true of the entire state of Texas, although the one party has changed names once or twice. :wink:


It’s not that the Republicans would by any means do a better job. It’s that having to consider the possibility of losing could make the Democrats more responsive.




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