Chicago prankster makes awesome flyers comparing artists to rats


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I’m trying to see this as clever, but it really just looks like “my four-year-old could do that.”


I wish I knew Adobe Illustrator that well when I was 4.


You forgot to take into account that this, right there, is a piece of street art. See how it changes everything? Now it’s clever and meta and ironic and, yes, arty.

Reminds me of the ‘hipster trap’ installation of a while ago.


If an artist can’t feed, an artist can’t breed

Having known quite a few Chicago artists who appeared to subsist on heroin and sex, I’m not sure denying food is the quickest way to get rid of them. :wink:


This looks like a reaction to hostile anti-homeless “Bum Bait” signs.

‘Bum Bait’ Signs Compare Homeless Chicagoans to Rats, Anger Wicker Parkers


It would be cute if it was ironic but to me it seemed more mean-spirited. But what do I know?


These look to me to be very clearly poking fun at the sort of people who think “bums” should be exterminated like vermin. But the author of the article, the offended people on the street and most commenters on the article seemed to take it at face value as the work of the very horrible people being satirized. Poe’s law, I guess.


It never occurred to me that this wasn’t either ironic or self-deprecating. It seems like the type of person with a knee-jerk reaction to “modern [sic] art” wouldn’t express it in this sort of way.


Modern Art = I can do that + Yeah, but you didn’t


reserve terms like “talented,” “brilliant,” and “genius” for scientists.

honky, please


of course you know an artist is behind this.


You don’t think of Shelley Winters first?


Is it Pick On Chgoliz day? :no_mouth:


Why would you think we’d be picking on you? You don’t think of Shelley Winters first?


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