Chicago: Shooting at Mercy Hospital, police officer and suspect among 'multiple victims'


So, the incident began as an argument in the parking lot but the shooter ended up inside the hospital, had multiple clips and reloaded at least once.
Since when has multiple clips been necessary for “self defense?” Let me guess, just in case you’re involved in a public space shootout? If you’re in a shootout then one of two things are possible:

  1. You’re the police
  2. You’re the bad guy

What I’m trying to say is if you carry a gun around with multiple clips you are a bad guy. You are a person who’s up to no good! You’ve got bad intentions!


“Please fill out this release waiver. You have 20 seconds to comply.”

@IanBrettCooper Vulcan is a loving god, the God of Guns.

@Bunbain “1. You’re the police 2. You’re the bad guy”


This dump of flip memes has been brought to you by my inability to cope with the daily news cycle.


Can’t say that thought didn’t cross my mind. I suppose it’s a necessary evil at this point.
Come to think of it… if there weren’t any guns in the world, the police would hardly be necessary at all!



“The only way to stop a bad guy with a pointy thing, is a good guy with a pointy thing.” This message was sponsored by the National Pointy Thing Association. :wink:


If only there was a gun in every baby incubator.


And, just to show that this isn’t hyperbole, that there actually are people that think this way, here’s a reply to @xeni’s tweet:

(Yes, it could be a bot, but there’s a reason that the bots are successful.)




State subsidized, too, I bet.



I thought maybe that comment had gone too far, but now I wonder if maybe it was a little too on-the-nose.

According to the Gun Violence archive, 84 people were killed with firearms in the US between 11/17/18 and 11/19/18, and as the Washington Post pointed out, the shooting at Mercy hospital wasn’t even the only mass murder that took place yesterday- there was a second one in Philadelphia involving the “execution” of four people.

The NRA has made the 2nd Amendment into a hill that other people are forced to die on. They and their pet politicians should be cleared out to make room for sensible policies.



Oh, yeah. That would have worked. Black woman shoots in self-defence? She’d be in jail on murder charges, or would have been shot by the arriving cop.

Women who defend themselves against men, especially women who aren’t white, usually end up in jail (as do non-white people defending against white people).


Just some facts:

The shooter started arguing with his former fiancee (she had recently called off the engagement) in the parking lot where she worked as an ER doctor, proceeded to pull out a 9mm, and shot her 3 times in the chest and then stood over her body and shot her 3 more times. Her friend had run into the hospital to get away. A police car drove up to him at that point, so he started shooting at them, then ran into the hospital to get away from them, where there was a gun battle between the police and the shooter which ended up killing a (female) pharmaceutical student and an officer, as well as the assailant. We still don’t know if he shot himself or if one of the police did it.

So far in 2018, two Chicago police officers (including this one) have been killed in the line of duty. At least 62 women have been killed in Chicago by the men in their lives, in the same time period.

But all the coverage is about how an officer was shot.

This was yet another man-kills-his-woman story. Without the police car driving right up to him in the parking lot, he might well have run off after finishing his objective of killing his former fiancee.

But no, most of the coverage is about the ‘fallen hero’.

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I apologize for taking care of patients instead of cleaning my firearm. In my office, the kids grab pretty much everything we have. Somehow I do not see “armed pediatricians” becoming a thing.


More info, showing the usual pattern:


More of the pattern:


Hope this is on-topic, but that article was published about 24 hours after the incident. What’s up with the “suspected” and “alleged” language? The authors had enough time to dig up unsavory details about the creep, who surely died weapon-in-hand, but authorities don’t want to say just yet that he was indeed the shooter?


It’s a legal / libel-proofing / ethics-in-journalism thing. You’re the alleged perpetrator until you’re found guilty in a court of law.


Except none of that applies when you’re dead.

Honourable exceptions if you are related to the Duke of Wellington of course. /s

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