Chicago: Shooting at Mercy Hospital, police officer and suspect among 'multiple victims'


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I am so fucking tired of posting this meme, more than anyone is of seeing it:


I can’t find the Uncle Sam Groundhog Day gif.


Each time I have to check the news to see if it is a new story or an old one I missed.

Always a fucking new one…


It’s getting to the point they can’t update the thumbnail picture fast enough for the article



“‘Too soon to talk about gun control’ says NRA spokesperson while a supporting chorus of a Republican lawmakers joins in for the four-part harmonies.”


And yet another mass shooting at a place that had “good guys with guns” on site. As a preventative measure they really don’t seem to have much effect.





The Well Regulated Militia™ strikes again!!!

The right to this non-stop gun-fucking dumbassery SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!!!


The answer is so simple- we need to arm the doctors. They’re highly educated, highly trained professionals. They should be able to dig out bullets with one hand while they fire a pistol with the other.


Or instead of passing through a metal detector in the emergency room to prevent people from bringing in guns, hand them out. If everyone is armed, everyone is safe. War is peace. Hate is love. Slavery is freedom. Guns are safety.


That one works particularly well given that we have a mass shooting almost every single day in the US, even if the vast majority get no press attention.


Brilliant! It’s that kind of outside the box thinking that will solve this problem while still maintaining the current guns to people ratio we have come know and love!


England is a cup of tea.
France, a wheel of ripened brie.
Greece, a short, squat olive tree.
America is a gun.

Brazil is football on the sand.
Argentina, Maradona’s hand.
Germany, an oompah band.
America is a gun.

Holland is a wooden shoe.
Hungary, a goulash stew.
Australia, a kangaroo.
America is a gun.

Japan is a thermal spring.
Scotland is a highland fling.
Oh, better to be anything
than America as a gun.

– Brian Bilston


This is literally the script of an episode of ER. It even happened in Chicago. Not that it matters but I’ve run out of things to say on this never ending tragedy.


Cue presidential victim-blaming in 5…4…3…


“None of these patients had their guns, if these patients had been able to carry their guns with them, well, who knows?”


Robot voice: Thoughts. Prayers.