6 killed in Mississippi shooting spree, but prayers are on their way

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How can anyone talk about gun control when there’s no time between shootings to discuss it?


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Is it ok if I pray for strict gun legislation? Oh and while I’m at it let’s start seeing penalties for the ghouls who have fought against it. Maybe even a special place for them in hell.

Dear God…


Beat me to it.

Does “non-gunshot would injuries” mean he tried to bleed himself out? The guys who commit these crimes generally don’t run out of bullets…


Tamsin, I know that you know that that’s the point


Even without that, the odds heavily favor such a shooter being a White male with a history of violence against women.


I’m curious (but lazy): has the number of people killed in the US by guns since the start of the Ukraine War exceeded the number of Ukrainian Soldiers reported killed in the war?

I wouldn’t be surprised is the answer was yes.


Probably, but the civilian death toll in Ukraine is likely higher given Russia’s penchant for firing missiles at apartment buildings.


Go for it. Personally I’m praying for all mass shooting victims and their loved ones for the rest of 2023 to save time.


You should think about stricter gun laws and THEN pray for them. That way you’ve maintained the universe’s Thoughts and Prayers Equilibrium.

I feel like there could/should be a Marx Brothers-like sketch or a web animation thingy that would feature two characters named Thoughts and Prayers. They’re always super busy, rushing off thither and yon to the sites of the each shooting and singing about the fundamental impossibility of their own existence and the absurdity of self awareness. Each of them is always horrified by the person who summoned them and then angry when they realize it’s for a shooting, again!

Mulaney and Myers and/or Key and Peele could do this.
Them again, this has probably been done, no?


Prayer has been suffering supply chain issues for several millennia.


The Well Regulated Militia™ approves of this round of Gun Violence™ :us:


Thank goodness this good guy with a gun thought before shooting or an innocent guy might be dead.

One man who witnessed some of the events at the store said he pulled out his pistol and considered firing at the suspect, who was armed with a shotgun, but decided to hold his fire.

Instead, witness Ethan Cash told Reuters, he tended to a man who was shot inside his car outside the store and found he had no pulse and was unresponsive.

Cash, 18, said he then drew his pistol on another man, who turned out to be the victim’s brother, who was injured.

“He said, ‘Man, they just shot my brother,’” Cash said. “And I’m like, ‘Man, I’m so sorry. Let’s make sure everyone is OK.’”

Cash said he spotted the suspect and considered opening fire.

“I was going to start shooting at the guy as he was pulling off but I didn’t know who exactly it was and I didn’t want to hurt anybody, so I kind of let the officers do that. It’s their job, anyways,” Cash said.


Of course, most of the prayers are getting shot down by stray bullets before even reaching heaven. Even the prayers need bullet proof vests.


It was someone here on the BBS who suggested substituting “the shooter” or "the suspect " with “a well-regulated militia.”


The suspect well-regulated militia is believed to have acted alone, and shot his victims in four different locations, including outside a store and inside two different homes. The suspect well-regulated militia survived and was taken into custody.

Also suggested here was (something like) every time there’s a mass shooting, lower the flag to half-mast for a week. If another shooting occurs before the week is through, lower it by half again. Repeat as necessary. If it gets to the point where the the flag reaches the ground, then remove it until 7 days without a mass shooting have passed.


“We don’t have violent crime in the community very often,” Sheriff Lance told the paper. “It’s a very safe community.”

Well, clearly not now.

the town has around 285 residents

So it’s not a “safe” community, it’s a small community. A small community in which a single person, thanks to our permissive gun laws, can single-handedly increase the murder rate beyond that of the highest crime city.

“detained without incident.”

That was one of his victims, who was “hit with an object.” The suspect was found with an assortment of guns, but the cops managed to take him alive anyways.

To stop a bad guy with a gun, you need a good guy with a gun… to shoot random people? Er, no, wait…

There’s always more than one mass shooting a week. The flag would quickly disappear. This one is only news because he killed more than the usual three or four victims.



Sounds similar to my “proposal” that the NRA just sell flagpoles with the flag permanently at half mast, so that the owner doesn’t have to put it up and take it down 5 minutes later, ad infinitum.


i’m no longer sure that “tragic” applies. for me that word has the sense of a misfortune beyond one’s control, an unexpected but inevitable outcome due to a god, or the stars, or fate

we’re allowing these people to die. they’re sacrifices to the lobbyists and hobbyists, nothing more or less

there will be more mass shootings next week - if not sooner. week after week the same. it’s inevitable only because no one is willing to give up their guns. :confused: