Washington initiates "ritualized response" to Las Vegas massacre

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Hillary Clinton opines:

…and the NRA responds with their predictable, characteristic, tone-deaf lunacy:



I just heard them say there is no connection to international terrorism. (My emphasis).)

How could you be shocked, Speaker Ryan? You’ve been fighting hard to make this day possible.


He can just resign in shame and express his regret for perpetuating a culture of violence and misunderstanding of the Constitution that has led to thousands of unnecessary deaths of his countrymen for his own profit. I’m sure he has enough firearms to protect himself if one of his anti-gun opponents comes at him with a gun they don’t own.


Just say republicans. It’s republicans. Republicans are the people who thwart and fight against any and all gun control. Republicans, republicans, republicans. “But the other guys-” It’s republicans that are the problem. They are the ones fighting gun control on all fronts. Republicans. Not democrats. Republicans. Own it. It’s their fault. Republicans. Stop pretending it’s anything except republicans opposition to gun control which creates the environment where massacres like this occur constantly, and regularly.


‘warmest’ condolences?


I’m pretty sure condolences and sympathies aren’t supposed to be “warm.” that’s regards, wishes and congratulations.


Condolences come from the inside, and as his insides are all hot air the condolences emerge a bit warmer than typical. It’s one of his better features.


We’re rapidly degrading into a cargo cult version of a republic; rituals are to be expected.

This message brought to you by the John Frum for President Exploratory Committee – John Frum, a Prosperity Maker and a Patriotic Veteran.


Pretty sure he just googled “words of sympathy” and clicked on this link:


It’s easy to speculate about the many better things they could do. But there isn’t anything we can do about that. We can do something about our own strategies. The default is often “refuse to organize, and complain again”. So, try something else.

That’s why I said “organize”, instead of “stick them up”. It’s a matter of tact and strategy. Brute force doesn’t count for much.

I am not pretending, I simply disagree with you. I gave the NRA as an example, and they are certainly an institution with strong ties to the Republican party. But the main push for restricting access to firearms is from liberals, that is to say, centrists. They can afford to because they are often reasonably affluent and not terribly marginal. Whereas many on the left are not pacifists because they are more regularly disenfranchised and attacked.

So I am all for acting against the NRA and Republicans. But I think a nuanced view recognizes the militant left also, although I am admittedly biased.

Careful, you’ll hurt yourself moving goalposts that fast.

Republicans are still the problem, full stop.


I think in his ‘heart’ of hearts, that’s exactly what 45 was thinking. Congrats on your participation in our semi-daily blood sacrifice. Congratulations on your participation in someone else’s American Dream. Like the town that made the bullets in American Gods , an occasional blood-letting is to be expected, even celebrated. Because “thoughts and prayers” need not mention the content of the thought, or what is being prayed for.


As far as I’m concerned, if you’re not working for a ban on fully automatic weapons and high capacity magazines, stringent background checks with adequate waiting periods, and other reasonable gun regulations, you’re NOT a responsible gun owner.

Further, if you’re a member of the NRA, I hope you’re donating to funds that help the survivors and the families of the victims of gun violence. Any reasonable amount. Say, whatever you think the life of your spouse or child is worth, annually.

Shouting into the void, I know.


Did I state any specific goals? What exactly is it that you interpret me as doing? It was your goal to talk about Republicans. You are free to do so - but not to tell me that I am “pretending” anything by not entirely sharing your perspective.

The only goal I stated was trying different approaches. Wish in one hand, spit in the other. If your tactic hasn’t worked for the past few weeks/months/years - then try something else.

YES, Washington’s responses are ritualized. But so might it be with many of us also, and that is something we can control.