Chicago Tribune Conducts Test


“The cat is saying, ‘The person who did this test is younger than the person whose story will replace it.’”

Ahhh, ageism, always so snarkiliciously ageist. The cat could also be saying, “the young person who fucked up by posting this could do their job with more care, the way an older and more experienced person would.” Amirite?

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Haha, I use for all my test projects too. Or

The annoying part is when I preview them and reporters walk by and stop, tap me on my shoulder (hence breaking me from my zone) just to say “AWW, SO CUTE.”

But I guess I’m asking for it anyway by using placekitten.

Also, bacon-ipsum. So good.

Edit: Chicago Tribune? Hey! I might know the person who did this! Hahaha.

I really think instead of “test test test test test…”, they ought to have used “meow meow meow meow…”

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Contact them! I would love an exclusive interview.

Really? Haha, I’m not that close to that person, but I’ll ask. Is there a specific angle or context?

Slow dog bites man bites dog day in retrospect no doubt.

You can interview me about “Pest Toast”, “Test Proust” or “Everything poops” if you like. Boing Boing’s development test posts are way better than this schlock.


Chicken chicken chicken?

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