Chicken-snowman hybrid knows how to boogie

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This is called a KeepOn and it was in the music video for Spoon - Don’t You Ever. When they premiered it, they did it to Spoon - I Turn My Camera On which went viral back in the day.

They made a commercial version of it called MyKeepOn which I have. I’m currently working on getting it hooked up through an arduino to be able to program custom movements.


Thanks! I knew I remembered it from somewhere!

That video is adorable, a wonderful act of (robotic) puppeteering.


Hey, I’ve got a KeepOn too! I rescued it from a thrift store a few years ago and was amazed it still worked when I got it home and put some batteries in it.

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I knew I’d seen that robot before. Geesh, I’ve been on BoingBoing way too long.


I think Herb Hoover’s Keepon Peepon (a dancing peep) is a better dancer:

Keepon Peepon Spoon "I Turn My Camera On" parody "peep show" - YouTube

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i don’t know what is wrong with me, but i have 2 of these, one is NIB. i guess it is worthless though.

Don’t get taken in people! Can’t you see this is just yet another unrealistic beauty standard us mere mortals will never be able to live up to?

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