Child goes through X-ray baggage scanner


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The Effect of Gamma Rays on Jonah, Who Will be 25 in the Year 2000


X-ray baggage photography is certainly VERY unflattering.


Lucky this was in China, here in the US his dad would never see him again.


Glad to hear it. Note that this should not be surprising. X-rays are an extremely weak carcinogen at imaging-level doses. Also, even if it eventually gave the kid cancer, it would take up to ~10 years to show up in forms like leukemia or lymphoma, and up to ~20 years to show up in solid tumors. I’m not sure what other effect it could have in the short term even in principle?



If that was TSA theyd send the kid back through the machine to double check, then swab for explosive residue… :thinking:


So the spider that went through the machine with the child now has the strength and agility of a human?


If this is a precursor to making annoying children travel as hold baggage, I’m all for it.


I suspect the TSA would make him open the child for inspection.


I don’t like the look of that ankle. Get an orthopedic doctor over here stat!


Unfortunately no, the spider has the ‘relative’ strength and agility of a human child.


I literally* almost did a spit take when I saw the words “but according to Quora” on my screen.

*Literally as in “While this commonly used expression is often used as a descriptive metaphor, rather than a description of events that actually happened, I am not speaking metaphorically in this specific instance” rather than its alternate use as a superlative.


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