Children in Uganda watch a hobbyist's drone fly for the first time, and totally flip out


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He was totally messing with them.


I wonder what the reaction would be if he tried that at a school in the Helmand Province.


that’s the kind of reaction i would want from any group of kids anywhere!


How wonderful it is to be able to have that sense of excitement about something new!


One of those kids who sees that new tech has the potential to be the next William Kamkwamba, the Malawian kid who improved life for his village with his windmill:


I would love to see the footage from the drone’s pov!


I don’t think most military drones look like that, aren’t they usually fixed-wing jets?

edit: also propeller-driven, but mostly fixed-wing. The rotary-wing drones just look like helicopters I think.


Reddit user airforce111 did an awesome remix of this:


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