Children's book about Mike Pence's gay pet rabbit storms Amazon


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it was an amazing piece on this week’s LWT.


The 1 star reviews on Amazon are, for the most part, very funny and encouraging.

Also, here are three related videos:

Seth Meyers:


John Oliver Day, when is it again?


What could’ve been a cheap joke of a book just to troll Mike Pence is, impressively, a really touching, well-written kids’ book with beautiful illustrations. It can stand on its own as a well done kids’ book and deserves its sales.

I mean, these are just great:


Temporarily sold out.
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Boy bunnies aren’t particularly discriminating about who they mate with. We had a big Chocolate Dutch male bunny who was constantly trying to have sex with our barn cats; male or female, it didn’t matter. The gal who gave him to us had noticed that the cats in her neighborhood weren’t coming around to use her flower beds for toilets after she got the rabbit; wonder why?


after watching that episode on monday, i promptly went and ordered my copy. it’s win/win, really. and i just love the illustrations… i can’t wait for my copy to arrive.


The spread of the wedding party is just great. I particularly like the cat officiating – and her wife!


Any given Sunday. Or, if he’s on vacation, you can go here and catch up. So really, everyday is John Oliver Day. ]because we need a good laugh now]


This made me smile and feel good.


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