Children's television show about a man with a giant penis

Mary and her vulva where she can stuff things, host parties, invite people to explore fun worlds or whatever? Never going to happen, not even in Denmark. And I’m Danish, so I’m the ultimate authority :slight_smile:


Don’t worry, we’ll never take it that far. Actually, I think the Germans and their FKK are the greater naturists.


For the man who has it all

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Ah! Like Stalin’s mustache.


In Ancient Rome, that would have been considered “light entertainment”.

TBH the USA could use a show or 8 like this.

Remember when everyone was absolutely outraged when we saw Janet Jackson’s tit? OMG! What will we tell the kids!?!?!? that roughly 1/2 the population has boobs? Too much pent up puritanism here IMHO.

And let’s be honest, for those of us who refuse to fully grow up, genital jokes will always be funny.


We used to be a lot more body-positive in DK, but with the advent of ubiquitous online porn and “perfect” body-advertisement, we’ve become a lot more body-negative. Shows like these are trying to stem that tide.
Just to iterate, this is not about sexuality. Good on you, DR.

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I did, in fact, catch that but I had repressed that moment until you reminded me. I only watched The Boys because my dentist recommended it.

There was this guy from Britain who didn’t get picked

(in case anyone needs to ask, Buster Gonad is not meant to be read by children)


I worked at a mineral spa and was surprised that I was surprised when a Danish man was to bathe naked with his teenage son.

There seems to be a constant background noise that our naked bodies are sexual and for ‘us’ to think about the penis as benign and funny would seem unfathomable.

I can’t believe this wasn’t done first in Japan. Or maybe it was already.

The aesthetics of the protagonist definitely would appeal to a certain adult subgroup.

I just watched a few of the episodes and it reminded me of watching Postman Pat in Gaelic (Padraig Post) when I was a kid, except I don’t remember Pat ever getting his knob out.

Although someone recently pointed out that all the children in Greendale have ginger hair, but the only adult with ginger hair is Pat.



I dunno, could be a good tool for teaching about elephantiasis.

The of course, there’s this guy:

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