Watch random kids say some very funny things in these home video clips

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I really love that boingboing keep posting videos us plebs out of the USA can’t watch (there is a distinct chance I may be lying)


The things their random kids say may be funny, but they can’t claim that their head of government has fucked a pig. I try to console myself with that, at least.


Let’s get one thing straight. He didn’t fuck a pig. He fucked a pig head. The pig didn’t need it anymore, anyway.

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[quote=“VoxInSpatium, post:4, topic:66013”]
Let’s get one thing straight. He didn’t fuck a pig. He fucked a pig head.
[/quote]I would never accuse our Prime Minister of not going the whole hog.


Sure, that’s fun, but is it eighteen years fun? I say no.

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Way to be a vector.

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Wow, I’m surprised I can watch it here in Canada then. We always get the shaft.

It was annoying. You can work around it with a proxy - I used this one, linked from the always useful

Obviously once you’re in proxy land don’t install any plugins or recommended toolbars or any of that malarkey (Proxfree didn’t have any of that, unless uBlock removed them before I saw them). I always use a fresh Incognito window, too. But I persevere, because I think it’s vitally important in this modern world to keep up with the funny things kids are saying,

I have a proxy installed an I’m mostly moaning to make the point.

Of course, since @xeni happens to be in the US, and it’s not like YouTube tells you up front which videos are geoblocking (or which countries the video has blocked), the only way she could possibly find out is after the fact.

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There are a couple of videos of this girl online, but I liked this one of her explaining princesses to her mansplaining dad:

So many gifs:

“I said don’t ask me anything or don’t talk. You can talk after.”

“I need to speak.”

“No, no, no. You’re a dad, but…”

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I would appreciate if she also scolded her dad for a) filming in portrait, not ALWAYS bad except when you b) spend a large portion of the video with the top half of the frame being completely empty.


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