Britain pledges pig semen to China


So that’s why Cameron flew out to China; he was a sample cum stain.


So which is better: a barrel of pig semen or a case or Turtle wax?

If this means that pinching pig semen is more profitable than metal theft, future robbery reports from the counties could prove very entertaining…

clearly it’s a squirrel’s nuts

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So… how exactly is all this pig semen obtained? Is Pig Milker a job title, where someone plays “red rocket” with the little piggies all day?


“When you care enough to send the very best…”

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Oh Ambassador! You are spoiling us!

I don’t think anyone has needed to specialize quite that much:
Barnyard Masturbator

I can tell that you’re a city boy. The short answer is ‘yes’. Most farm animals are bred these days with, let’s say, human help. I’m sure that the internet will provide details, if you’re that interested.

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It’s good pay if you don’t mind working ‘under the table’.

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I think they should bring back the game show ‘What’s My Line?’ Listening to the modern blind-folded panel equivalent of Peggy Cass, Bill Cullen, Fred Allen and Arlene Francis try to work out what the guest did for a living would be totally worth tuning in.

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Pigs . . . they don’t so much fly as plummet.

What’s (perhaps not so) surprising is this is not the only article about pig spooge that has popped up on Boing Boing. I recall a rather in-depth video of a machine that would do the “extraction” for you being posted simply because the soundtrack was a fairly cool sound-alike of The Propellerheads’ “Spybreak!”

… I really don’t want to know how Cory found that video in the first place.

Or someone that doesn’t watch much reality TV.

This reminds me a Mitchell and Webb skit with Queen Victoria receiving linden trees with a distinctive scent

Series 1, episode 2: Sex and Violence

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Tears up current Christmas gift shopping list.

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