Chimpanzees learn to play rock-paper-scissors

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Awesome, now they can teach it to me.


“The battle for what became the Planet of the Apes therefore came to be known as the Rochambeau Wars…”

-Dr Zaius, some time in the future


Great. I couldn’t even beat that tic-tac-toe playing chicken in Chinatown, and now this chimp will probably beat me at rock-paper-scissors. I just can’t win I tells ya.


I wonder if that’s partially because the transitive property is a natural pathway in the primate brain.

With or without well?


Teaching chimps how to play rock-paper-scissors led the researchers to conclude “that children acquire the ability to learn a circular relationship and to solve a transverse patterning problem around the age of four years”?

I feel like there’s a step missing?

(Also, most convoluted way to study four-year-old humans learning rock-paper-scissors ever.)

Oh thank god… let it happen already! I welcome our new Simian overlords!

Now I want to play against a chimp.

And, do they play it amongst themselves now? Wonder how much entertainment they’d get out of it…

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1The researchers were disturbed to find one chimp, Maxwell, demonstrated the ability to win every single time. Against random throws and also against strategic players, he threw the winning hand every time. Oddly, he could only beat a graphic image of a hand 33% of the time, even when it was controlled by a small child. The experiment was discontinued when Maxwell started speaking in tongues.

Well… there goes my job

Good God, those FOOLS! Do they even realize what they’ve done? They’ve given the apes the one tool they needed to select a leader to start the uprising.

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