Chimpanzees enjoy magic tricks


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The magician’s emotion there at the end is so real and beautiful.


How does it go? Something like, “A sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from conjuring”?


Big deal, I can totally outwit my cat. Usually.


And as special thanks, the chimp taught the magician “got your nose, and digits, and genitalia.”


The overdubbed sound on there is weird.


I’ve got to say, that guys got a lot of faith that that chimp will be good natured about it. Try that with the wrong primate, and he’ll bite your finger off the instant you fuck with him.


Do you outwit your cat? Ever find yourself feeding the cat, sure you already had?


I kinda feel like the chimp didn’t give a shit about the magic, just that some guy was offering peanuts and sometimes came through on the offer.

This is what it’ll be like when aliens visit.


Yeah but the magic goes away.


I think the guy that made the cherry disappear in the cup got a better reaction.

This one if you haven’t seen it:

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