Video: dogs astonished by magic trick


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That wasn’t funny, it was cruel, and now I’m sorry I watched it. Cheating a dog of a treat with sleight of hand is taking advantage of and laughting at another creature’s mental limitations. That’s wrong when the other creature is a mentally disabled person, and it’s just as wrong when it’s a dog.


Well thank goodness somebody came to say it’s not funny. You know what’s even not funnier? The old vanishing stick trick. Gets 'em every time!


So where did the treats actually go? Up the sleeve?

I’m not feeling much smarter than the dogs right now.


Really? Really? How do you feel about taunting kittens with string?


While that’s a bit extreme, I do hope the doggies got the treat in the end anyway…


I play tricks on my dogs all the time. And when the trick is over, they still get the treat and they wag their tails. That’s how I know they’re cool with it.


According to a comment on the youtube page, they did get the treat in the end. I’m ok with this now.


What’s curious to me is that the dog isn’t able to trace the scent of the hidden treat. Trompe l’nez magic?


Me either. woof.


You should see his levitating wiener.


But how do they tell you the number they thought of?


If that was your best example, you haven’t really thought this through very well.


Functionally, how is it any different?


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