Magician tricks doggie


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Poor doggy.


that dog nugget wont be found till they pack up and move out of that house.


Best part of the video is when the doggo puts his paw on the hand and goes “it’s in this hand, right? Did I get it??”


“But…don’t you love me?”


Just bite him


Hah! Dumb animal. It’s nice of his dog to pay him attention, though.


Aw. Poor doggo.
It melts your heart how confused he is.


Kind of a wasted effort, as dogs are just as easily mystified by the “I didn’t actually throw the tennis ball” trick :slight_smile:


The dog is in on the trick – it’s just the magician’s cute assistant. No way a real dog would fall for that. Probably a kid in a dog suite.

I keep my dogs’ kibble in a plastic container in a laundry closet behind a trifold door. I used to have a dog that could detect a single piece of kibble falling out of that container and landing under the washing machine. There could be 50 pounds of kibble in that room, but if a single piece fell she would bat on the door until we opened it. “Hey, there’s a piece of food on the floor in there!”

You can’t fool a dog’s nose.


That video needs to have been cut short. The piece after the end that we don’t see concludes with the magician pulling the treat out of the dog’s ear and giving it to them, right?


It seems reasonable to conclude that dogs also suffer from attention related deficiencies. That is, the dog is capable of smelling the kibble, but doesn’t because its attention is focused elsewhere.


The dog I grew up with was very easy to baffle with Dog Magic. Make a treat disappear, and she’d look everywhere, sniffing all around frantically, looking under nearby furniture, and all around me.

My current dog is not amused by dog magic. If I make a treat or her toy disappear, she just stares into my eyes and waits. If I show her my empty hand, she smacks it away with a paw and keeps staring.


In a later session, Bruno the Doberman showed the magician the “disappearing hand” trick.


That’s low. Doggies are the one creatures on this planet that we should always be nice to.


Adding insult to insult the magician balanced the treat on his middle finger.

Now the dog should get a chance to show the magician the real way to make a treat disappear.


Haven’t seen dogs prank’d this hard since Pavlov.


Oh no. No no no. Free treats are socialism. Make him earn his scooby snacks!


Earned via cuteness.


I like this one too, but I still don’t know how much…