Dogs freak out over floating hot dog magic trick




Magic For Dogs is kinda like
Democracy For U.S. Citizens…
They don’t understand it, it’s sort of frightening to some, annoying to force participation in, and really a big waste of time until a more intelligent audience can be found.


You just ruined the discussion with a single post. Good job.


Mocca - nopenopenope…hang on a mo…that’s a wiener…


Oh shut up. Get your mind out of the gutter.

By god, you ARE a magician!


I have to say, I kind of admire the ones that were like NOPE. It shows that they understood enough to know that that ain’t right.


Just when you think the string is in the hands, it’s really in his mouth, and it’s only apparent when a dog just takes the wiener.


And then there’s the one who isn’t “NOPE!” or “YUM!”, but “Hey, floating wiener! Time to DANCE!!!”…


My guess is that when a thing appears to be moving around independently, that means it could be alive - i.e. some kind of unknown wiener creature that’s probably best observed from a respectful distance until its moves and special attacks can be fully appraised.


I suppose there are three cases, The first is that you don’t even get that it’s supposed to be magic. The second is that this is freaky. The third that it’s odd, but - hey - I guess it’s supposed to behave like that.

The problem is that from the outside, cases one and three are indistinguishable.

So, there’s that …


On the other hand, it’s hard not to admire Tico’s practical “Forget your ‘mentalist’ nonsense: if it’s made of meat I can kill it.” approach to the puzzle. Yes, it leaves the mystery of meat levitation forever unsolved; but it shows a certain pragmatic fortitude.




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