China air pollution from space


Looks like overspill from the intoxicating fumes overhanging the fabled plateau of Leng:

I want to make a joke about this being a positive thing because it means more Duck Dynasty crap is being made for the shelves of Walmart, then this is a very cool thing. But I don’t have it in me today.

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Dear everyone who is going to buy Billy Bass, cheap toys, or whatever other shit is going to be sold for Christmas and then promptly dumped or broken. . . FUCK YOU for enabling this.

Dear everyone buying smartphones, tablets, etc. (myself included), don’t be so smug, you’re part of this too!

Dear various libertarians, teabaggers, etc. who are against govt. regulation as “anti-business”, you are asking for this to come BACK to the US (this is why we have those regulations)! Think about that for a minute.

Dear world, please give me a reasonable way off this crazy treadmill that doesn’t include blowing my brains out.

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