The good news about Chinese smog




This is great news. I think what it really suggests is


But I was thinking:

4. It makes people funnier.

Those people aren’t coughing, they’re laughing!


Well, looks like my evil plan to discern the very fabric of the Chinese metropolis with my all-seeing spaceborne eye is foiled(at least on the visible band, anybody check how good smoke is in UV, IR, etc?)

I suppose I’ll have to stump up for some cheap tourist guide material.


Just send in an archer from Esgaroth, he’ll take care of that Smaug problem right quick.


Maybe one of their common pollutants is helium. You’ve got to admit that a city full of people talking in comically high-pitched voices would be pretty funny.


Or maybe N2O?


I’m fine with finding the bright side of a problem situation, but I haven’t seen such stretching in quite some time, especially considered how bad-off the residents of these cities are off with this…


I totally agree. What surprise me though is


Now that would be hilarious.



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