China announces "medical tourism" special economic zone on Hainan Island


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I go to Tijuana for my dental work going on 25 years. Just had my entire upper & lower dental implants done for $4000 bucks. Lowest quote 10 miles from the border in San Diego was $35k. You do the math…


Leave it to an ex-communist country to be the most Late Stage Capitalism of them all.


You’re probably going to get hauled in front of Congress as part of the hearings into the border service’s new mouth inspection rules and dental work scanners.


Do you get Wall of Voodoo’s “Mexican Radio” coming through your teeth now?


wasn’t this were case in necromancer got modded?


I wonder if one should get their tentacle appendage built in Guandong Province and then attached in Hainan Island or if Hainan Island can do both since it sort of falls under medical device. Asking for a friend.


…just another Chinese buffet


Since this is an island, I guess they’re technically not wrong, but…


That was Chiba, across the bay from Tokyo. Different country.


It is always reassuring when the conmen and scammers are operating with an official rake-off sanction.


The cheapest way to get dental work is to have someone put you in cryogenic suspension and wake up 25 years in the future; then convince a mad scientist to send you back to the present. I learned that from “The Door into Summer”.
I also learned that the best way to explain away the futuristic dental work to a suspicious dentist is to credit it to experimental work in India.


I was just thinking this sounded very cyberpunk, and you just confirmed.


I’ve been looking into this for myself (I need 3 implants), but wondering how feasible it would be, considering that I don’t live anywhere near the border. How many visits does it take?


Given all the…exciting and colorful…stories in the ‘noob seeks to manufacture widget in China; fails to understand certain local customs and usages, things end badly’ genre; I must admit that I’d be more than a trifle nervous about availing myself of the services likely to be available here.

At least when it comes to electronics manufacture; the moral of the story seems to be that your odds of getting out with something that resembles what you ordered, and your shirt, depend strongly on having someone suitably knowledgeable on your side, a good local fixer, or both.

That’s one thing for cheap widgets. Another for experimental stem cells.


Does Hainan Island have a remarkably good supply of organs for transplants?


If you give the Dentist detailed instructions, you should be able to do it in 2 visits.

Good luck Buckaroo.


I’m told this guy will play some part in running the island:


FWIW, I am off the west coast of Canada, and there are a few people on my island who have gone to mexico to have extensive dental work done. And our prices aren’t as high as San Diego.


Yes. I have followed more than a few Kickstarter’s manufactured in China and it seems no amount of pre-planning can guarantee things will go smoothly.