China facing 'grave situation' as Wuhan virus deaths increase, Xi says

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Simple calculation: if the incubation period is 14 days (the current assumption) how may asymptomatic but infected people will leave Wuhan (millions of potentially infected people, thousands known to be infected, how may infected but as yet asymptomatic?) to spread it elsewhere?

Yeah, I’d say it’s likely to be a bit late to put the cork in that bottle.


Hmmm…Between December and January 60,000 people flew from Wuhan to Beijing.


As of today, that (42) is the exact number of people who have been pronounced cured of the disease (out of over 1400 diagnosed, which leaves many in the balance). If that proportion of deaths to survivals continues it really will be a terrifying pandemic.

this feels like one of those terrifying epidemic movies that scare me too much to ever watch one. It was Andromeda Strain I saw when I was a little kid and it scared the hell out of me, and not been able to watch that genre. This really freaks me out.

For those who would appreciate a quick summation from someone who genuinely knows this (it’s his job) here’s Rene Najera PhD (epidemiology) on the subject:

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Novel Coronavirus but Were Afraid to Ask


sounds like proof their panopticon doesn’t actually increase public safety, just silences dissent.

but jabs about human rights (or lack thereof) i hope they can make it through this safe, the media has overhyped many a medical issue and i hope that’s the case here

an article a fellow happy mutant posted mentioned:

in most cases of death, there was some comorbidity to contribute to the victim’s demise like diabetes, cancer or a compromised immune system due to age or disease. People who are otherwise healthy and catch a coronavirus infection are very likely to survive

so while it sounds very serious i hope we can all try to avoid fanning hysteria and stay grounded. i also hope the US/EU will send any aid that is necessary to help stop it.


Does anyone know what the messages on the backs on their hazmat suits say?

My Chinese is weak, but they look like names to me.


Well, You are about right.
This is for Wuhan alone.
40% left before the lock down

(and this is a CCP backed newspaper)

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Yes, it’s just his name.


If you see us running, try to keep up


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