China forces Xinjiang Uyghurs to install mobile spyware, enforces with stop-and-frisk

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There might be a few ways to get around this:

  • Carry two phones, one for actual use and one as a compliant device to hand to authorities.
  • Install an app that allows for a hidden encrypted partition on the device. Might be possible to set this up so that the spyware is sandboxed into only being able to track and function when the non-encrypted front facing profile is unlocked. Generally a second unlock code or swipe will open up the encrypted partition.
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Those tricks won’t work if the authorities can check devices remotely to see if they have Jingwang installed. The checkpoints might be only for show.

North Korea is developing sophisticated spyware and censorship systems to control the use of mobile devices.

In the recently published “Compromising Connectivity,” Intermedia reports the digital signature system was rolled out to all Android devices in late 2013, less than two years after Kim Jong Un became leader of the DPRK. The operating system update, which was mandated for all users, effectively shut off North Koreans’ ability to access any information sent [from outside the country] on USB sticks or memory cards with these devices because the data would be missing signatures of either the government or personal keys.

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Since this is aimed specifically at Muslims, we can expect that the American religious right will want similar rules here.


Never has the world needed a unstoppable zombie menace more

What if you just carry a non-smart phone?

(And only turn it on to transmit, so you arent constantly broadcasting your location.)

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