China reinstates ban on using tiger and rhino parts in traditional medicine

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I probably have the wrong character.



After the whole damn planet declared its disgust with China’s lifting the ban on using tiger bones and rhino horn in “medicine”

fixed it for you


“Good.” Going for a grumpy cat thing.


That’s Japanese for “girl.” Probably the same in Chinese. So he’s a she-tiger.

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Close anyways. It has the radicals for Woman and Child, but it means Like. I dunno about Chinese.好き

Just asked my Chinese coworker, it’s definitely “good” but it makes no sense in this context. Basically the literal translation doesn’t translate. Oh well.


(Replace “you” on that cake with “I”.)


Isn’t that strange, I thought that was one of the about ten kanjis I recognize. Or nine, I guess.

Oh well, I like girls, so I’m right anyway.

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Really Chinese traditional medicine, or the woo Mao let loose when they didn’t have anything else?

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Now if we could just get them to knock off the shit they’re pulling with Muslims in their nation, we’ll be getting somewhere.

Given what’s happened to Tibet and Tibetan culture, do not expect the Uighur situation to get any better … ever (unless you think a ‘mission accomplished’ end of enforced detention, brainwashing and restriction of all Uighur culture is “better”.)


“back-pedal”, not “back-peddle”. Thoiugh I fully recognize that “back-peddle” makes sense as an eggcorn.

...the Chinese government has decided to back peddle...
You mean, after the government allowed people to peddle tiger bones and rhino horns, they're now going to make the peddlers buy the stuff back?

(OK, enough of being a grammar nazi for one day. :slight_smile: I see that @robertbos beat me to it.)

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There’s so much engineering and science that occurs in that country, do they really believe there is ANY clinical benefit to tiger bones? I get that they probably just don’t care about tigers in the first place and if people want to pay for it they’ll look the other way but aren’t there people with real ailments going “You know - i just snorted like 5 tigers and I still feel like shit.”?


You can pose the same question to Americans.
Except for “tiger bones” and “bear musk” and “shark fins”,
substitute “vitamin water”, “Power Balance bracelets”, and


It means “good”

Chinese can be very dependent on context. Without context and in isolation, I think that character comes closer to meaning OK.

“非常好” might work. It means “very good,” so it does lose that essence of Grumpy Cat. Sadly, there don’t seem to be any Grumpy Cat memes with Chinese text for comparison.


what’s’s environmental impact?

No, there’s “engineering” and “science”. Quotes needed, cause it ain’t what the rest of the world does. Especially not the science part. Higher percentage of papers featuring fraudulent data come out of China than anywhere else. Much higher. And keep checking the news for examples of the half-assed engineering failing. You’ll see a few every week.

It’s China, does anyone think this ban actually means anything? It will be completely ignored by everyone except certain corners of the media. The government will turn a blind eye. Business will go on as usual.