Microsoft teams up with Animals Asia to fight bear bile farming in China


Reads headline - “Is this some kind of superstitious ‘medicine’ thing?”

As it turns out, only sort of. It looks like there is some legitimate medicine behind it, but there’s absolutely no reason not just to synthesize the compound - leaving the bears out of the picture.

It also doesn’t sound like a very effective chemical to begin with.

So are they just deliberately throttling site loading on non-IE browsers, or are we entering a “rennaissance” of over-animated, long-loading flash-like HTML5 websites…

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I dunno, but clicking on Chapter 1 in Safari crashed my Mac pretty hard. Music kept playing but everything else was frozen but the mouse cursor, couldn’t force-quit or nothin.

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It’s far less effective than my preferred alternative: TCM practitioner bile. Unlike these poor bears I put TCM practitioners out of their misery quickly.


It already happened. We need HTML5 blockers. :frowning:

A week or so ago I half-jokingly suggested M$ must have hired someone who’s good at PR, given they’re boycotting that dodgy security conference…

If I see another good thing about M$ soon, I’ll have to conclude that’s not a joke.

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