China tests straddling bus that travels above traffic


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Admittedly, 300 meters isn’t all that long, but it looks like Cory [might be wrong] (Straddling buses would only work if they were made out of rubber) and these might actually work.


I’d be pretty upset if I happened to pick the wrong day to put my bike on top of my car.


“It’s like an elevated train, but cheaper because it doesn’t need a track but more expensive because it takes up a half lane on each side. And also it gets stuck in traffic.”


Brings “taking the bus” to a whole new “elevation”.


at 60 km/h it isn’t exactly high speed…


Did you see some indication that I missed that this test addressed Cory’s point? It didn’t look like the thing actually ever had to turn.


It’s fast enough to do some damage.


the city traffic in e.g. Berlin has an average speed of about 25 km/h, I cannot imagine that it’s that much higher in a large Chinese town


It’s a new kind of “folding bicycle”.


What? This is for real? What a stupid idea. I guess this “bus” won’t turn or go on any roads with any vehicle taller than a sedan.



this is a interesting idea. If it works could that be done here?


This story is so interesting every time you report it.


Not so affected by traffic though, so faster than cars or taxis. And faster than walking.



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So long as it doesn’t have to contend with either curves or vehicles larger than sedan cars…


This concept has worse functional parameters than a monorail. And we all know how successful they’ve been.


I don’t know. I heard Ogdenville was pretty happy with theirs.


Just depends on who you get as a conductor, I guess…