Police in China pulls over minvan with 51 people inside

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Needs more Yakety Sax.


As long as they were all wearing seat belts I don’t see a problem.


Were they clowns? Please tell me they were clowns!


Is “Oh, China…” going to become the new “Oh, Russia…” for videos like this?

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That’s conservatively 6000 lbs. I can’t believe the bus could move, especially as most foreign vehicles are underpowered by our standards. A VW microbus had like 50hp.

Agreed, or

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1 horse/person sounds about right, for city use.

That’s a tragedy waiting to happen.



That’s trippy to watch. It almost looks like they were circling the line back around to the rear and coming out multiple times! At the end of the video is a shot of the floor with liquid on it (I think?). Can anyone translate what they say then?

Lots of them had construction helmets - I wonder if that was the shuttle bus promised in the construction help want ads. If so I’d hate to see the cafeteria…

No red noses nor big floppy shoes. Or is that just my conventional thinking?

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Box truck, perhaps. minivan?, physically impossible. Unless they bought it from Ringling.

I wonder what they were pulled over for…

It was just the Republican Presidential Primary tour bus.

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Driving behaviour in the PRC is indeed completely and utterly batshit insane, but there is less video available (for now).

I am going to demonstrate my ignorance of cars: can a minivan even move with three additional tons of weight in it? Does this one have doors on both sides? How certain are we that the door on the other side was closed?

no no, the title is wrong; it was actually 115 people!
no, really! yeah.

50 horses for 50 people. Sounds about right.

Somebody contact Guinness, surely that’s a world record.