Watch this real life clown car empty out after an accident


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I counted 9. Wonder what the story was?


I imagine the guy in the trunk was thumping on the lid like crazy while watching all his “friends” bolt…


I was sitting there saying EIGHT I ONLY SAW EIGHT… then that dude popped the trunk and I knew that’s where number one was. Hahah.


Stolen car?



You could get 17 Russians, a guitar, and an accordion in there, if you really tried.


Hey, those weren’t clowns! Lied to again!


In high school i was part of a theater production and we were rehearsing after school when it started to snow heavily. The bus that was supposed to take people broke down and a single vehicle was available, it was a 4 door pickup truck… so because of the snow no one could go back in the bed of the truck. We packed something like 14 people in that cab.


When we were playing paintball every weekend, our station wagon got designated the team bus. We put 8 players plus all their gear in it, and ran all over town dropping them off after the games.


Clearly they know the value of good comic timing.


The total weight of the people in that Russian car was probably more than the car itself.


I think it was staged. Otherwise, why was it being recorded? Camera pans & zooms are intentional.


I can’t absolutely rule out this wasn’t staged, it’s so ridiculous it could easily be a short scene for a comedy show, but it’s also not completely outside the realms of plausibility either.

I can tell this was caught somewhere here in the UK and is obviously CCTV footage. It’s a good bet that the way they all ran off and abandoned the vehicle that they were joyriding around in a stolen car, and since they were careless enough to crash in the first place it’d also be a good bet that they’d previous been driving erratically or carelessly enough for a CCTV operator to have been keeping track of them for a while (it’s easier for the police to nab them afterwards when they think they’ve got away with it than risk endangering the public with a high speed chase).


Likely stolen car or staged video.

Off duty or under cover plain clothes clowns, if you ask them they have to tell you if they are a clown though…


OH man, I didn’t think of that…


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