Delightful vintage bus spotted during unrelated event


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/fist pump


Way to bury the lede, Rob. Domino’s is now hiring!!!


Mmmm Meat Shops… grrrgllgglelleeeee


Some of you were probably conceived on a bus much like that one. Bus fare was only 50c.

Yes, I’m saying that you only exist because your parents were as horny as they were broke, and they were plenty broke.


50! Stay above 50 or the bus will explode!


Pop quiz, hotshot. There’s a bomb on a bus.



“What happened? I told you to stay above 50!”

“I did! We were at 60km/h!”

“Miles! 50 mp/h! You fool! You doomed us all!”


Why can’t phone cameras record in landscape even if the user is holding the phone vertically?


Was the cop shouting ‘please get on the ground’ at one point? That’s when i knew this was canada


I seem to recall Jim Lehrer of the News Hour was a bus guy – his own Dad was a bus driver and liked buses like most kids like trains – he restored this beauty:

(Sorry for the FB link, but the photos are glorious)


I used to run into these every day when I was commuting to school. I must be old… :slight_smile:


Maybe the phone is smart enough to understand the Director’s Intent? Ever consider that perhaps portrait video was the best way of incorporating the mise en-scene? Ever consider the possibility that maybe, just maybe, Landscape was considered and DISMISSED as trite? Well did you? DID YOU, PUNK?

NO. You did not. You’re just a slave to the 16:9 convention, and part of the whole problem with cinematography today.

Good Day Sir. I said. GOOD DAY!.


Will it explode, or just experience a bout of sustained hatchet wanging*?

* sound hatchet makes as it resounds from a metallic surface. Unless it gets embedded in the aluminum, in which case it is more of a “scrthunk”.


Because we live in a digital future where shapes are not limited to the antique space of the theatrical stage?



Yes, that long stretch of asphalt really gave the scene a deeper meaning.

I mean, it’s not like the Director had to go back and forth with the camera because of an ill choice of allocating his available field of view :grin:


A fine example of BC Transit “Expo” livery.


Should have tazed the guy who didn’t know how to hold a phone when shooting video.


this must have been small town bc because in vancouver the cops shoot.
this happened four blocks from my place.
(might want to turn down your volume first)