Actual San Francisco bus driver's fantastic tweeted review of the Shang-Chi bus scene

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It sounds like one of the most realistic depictions of a bus driver may be the non-Otto bus driver from the Simpsons:


The entire scene was so implausible that it was hard for me to enjoy the fights. With air brakes, once they lose air pressure springs apply the brakes and the bus stops. That’s why busses have air brakes and not hydraulic brakes, so things that this can’t happen. I wonder why this bus driver didn’t make a note about that?


It’s in there.


I really did enjoy his break down, since I had my own questions about the scene, specifically the air brakes. Loved the movie, though.


I tried to think rationally about the bus scene, but that sick DJ Snake beat kept drowning out my critical thoughts so I just went with it. I also loved the movie.



In San Francisco, we’re a little more friendly with the signs:

"Information Gladly Given But Safety Requires Avoiding Unnecessary Conversation.”

The SF Street Car museum has great merch around it too. I have the mask!


Nothing in that scene even began to approach the implausibility of the bus from Speed. That thing defied the laws of physics so completely that it might as well have been driven by Miss Frizzle.



Great seal of approval there.




I’m surprised they actually shot that on location; IIRC almost all of Ant-Man and the Wasp was filmed in Atlanta even though the movie was set in San Francisco because it’s so much more expensive to film in SF and most of the action is done on green screen sets these days anyway.


Indeed. There was a lot to learn about the filming from the “Making Of” documentary on Disney+.

All of the principal filming was done in Australia, so pretty much anything you see where there is an actor on screen was definitely not done on location. But there was second unit filming done on location in SF and Macau. All of the bus scene shots where you see actors was done in an Australian sound stage with the interior scenes being shot in a bus facsimile mounted on a giant gimble to give realistic depictions of movement.

I have a huge amount of respect for the set designers who made everything look so seamless. I grew up in the San Francisco area and would have never guessed that the majority of the SF scenes weren’t actually filmed on location.


Now I need to find out what The Cheese School is!


What I’d like to see in an action movie’s fight-in-a-bus-scene is
driver pulls over
opens door
calmly walks up the the fighting guys
grabs then firmly by the scruff of their necks
unceremoniously walks them to the door and tosses them out
calmly walks back to his seat
resumes tour
apologies to the passengers for the inconvenience

(Sort of like a reverse of what Pam Grier does in Mars Attacks!, but with big scary guys armed to the teeth. And also casting Pam Grier, preferably.)

I hope that got that in one take…

Atlanta is EVERY CITY!!!

Seriously, one of my favorite things to do when watching movies now is “spot/guess the location in town”… Endless hours of fun!


My favorite is still from Black Panther, the apartment building in Oakland was actually filmed in the Wheat Street Towers, which is directly across from the historic Ebenezer Baptist (and katty-corner from the current church). You can see the brick of the church in the end scenes. I can’t imagine that choice was a coincidence.

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