Stockholm bus explosion caught on dashcam


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I don’t think that was a dashcam? It looks more like the driver was filming ahead with his cell, for reasons?


came here to ponder the same thing…did he think this was a can-opener/11-8 bridge scenario waiting to happen?


Why the gasp before the explosion? Or was that not a gasp?


Not really a dashcam video, it’s a cellphone from what i can tell. Still that’s pretty terrifying but i do have to question why the CNG tank was designed to be on the roof on such a tall vehicle.


Might have been the sound of the roof of the bus hitting the tunnel.


You know what, I don’t think these are accidents at all.

I think the bridges and tunnels are doing it on purpose.

You know how the President keeps announcing “infrastructure week” and then doing nothing? I think the infrastructure has finally had enough. It’s fighting back.


For safety. The top of a tall vehicle is the least likely place to get hit in a collision.

…as long as you’re not a total idiot and know how tall your bus is.


I do think it’s relatively the safest place. I’m curious if that bus was for public transport or one of those charter bus types. I would assume public bus drivers would have good knowledge of what routes they’re supposed to be taking.




The explosion was caused by a “traffic accident,” say authorities; the vehicle runs on natural gas, the tank is on the roof, and it tried to enter a low tunnel.

Oh man, if only that 11’ 8" bridge cam had such buses around it…


It could have been a driver in training, which would explain why there were no passengers.

I bet a new driver gets MULTIPLE demerits for something like that.


Sometimes they get diverted.

This happened a few years ago near where my parents live.

Of course, the people planning the diversion routes know how high the buses are, and don’t route them under bridges lower than that. The issue is that it was an arch bridge, and there was only enough height for the bus to fit under it in the middle of the road.


If the bus travelling a pre-assigned route, you would think the people that assigned the bus to that route would be aware of the limitations.


Apparently his dash cam ducked in fear from the explosion. Bad dashcam! Bad!


I’m surprised it’s at the front of the roof, or that the roof isn’t designed to prevent this from happening.


This seems to be a popular option for transportation companies looking for alternative fuels. Transportation and utility companies promote CNG as being much safer than gasoline, because the risk of combustion is low - especially when a leak is involved. In cases like this, I wonder how much study was done on collisions and other incidents that might be a greater risk with vehicles:


So, the preceding situation here is that the two black boxes on both sides of the road are part of the safety system before the entrance to the actual tunnel. It measures the height of the vehicle via some optical/laser doohickey, and sounds an alarm and flashes a red light if the vehicle is to tall to enter.
The bus driver chose to ignore the warning signals and drive on, wich prompted reactions from the surrounding drivers. Some honked their horns, and this guy got his phone out, because why not.


Also, here’s video of what the fire looks like directly afterwards:


And this article from the same site shows an overhead view of the aftermath. There’s a concrete guard before you get to the tunnel which is what the bus hit.