I want these gyro-buses to happen


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And as long as that flywheel never, ever stops spinning then everything will be great.

The flying firefighter bazookas look pretty fun though.


It looks cool but I can’t help thinking…


More engineering designs that take for granted that we’ll never have the balls to ban cars from traffic-choked urban centers. Well, engineer for the humans you’re given, I suppose.


Not a totally new idea. Several gyro-stabilized trains were developed over a century ago. But I don’t think any of them had the super tall stilt things on wheels.


Humans, always messing up good engineering plans.


Yeah, the video mentioned those with the explanation “the problem with those old designs was that they’d fall over if the engine failed, but that’s no big deal now because our engine will never ever fail.”


“Stable gyro-buses are all alike; every unstable gyro-bus is unstable in its own way”.


I want one for Christmas.


When they got to the fire-engine drone, I smiled… I guess they’re hedging that if you aren’t digging the gyro-bus, you’ll buy their drone?


It would be more technically feasible, safer, and cheaper to build actual overhead light rail lines, or … okay, whatever … actual monorails (people love their monorails!!)



Never! Must… backward… engineer… complex… solution… rather than… fix… underlying… problem…


Shudder. Imagine being a pedestrian or a cyclist when one of those giant Roomba-things approaches!

Now I know what my carpet beetles must feel like.


Given the reaction of some folks to lane-splitting motorcycles, I wonder how they would feel about a lane-splitting bus.


So instead of investing in good transit, bike, and pedestrian infrastructure, we should reengineer our entire urban cores to deal with tall flying disks. We would have to move any remaining urban trees, power lines, street lights, and bridges. Once we’ve done that we will fill our highest population densities with massive flywheels, which will of course never fail catastrophically. Such fun, with giant flywheels we can involve all the people who were missing out on car wrecks below by bringing the fun directly into their office.


I keep imagining some poor foot, pigeon, or dog standing in the way of one of the wheels. Splat.


when he said the name, I distinctly heard it pronounced “SHAT” which ofc sent me into a giggle loop.


Groovy concept, but I want walking and biking to happen.


Colonel Bleep might be of help along those lines; check out his atomic-gyro propulsion.


One word: bridges.