I want these gyro-buses to happen

I am also enjoying this bit:

“The most it would do if it hit a person”.

Because vehicles hitting pedestrians is the leading cause of deaths on the road…

I mean really, I am no physicist or auto designer, but I am having trouble with the idea that one of these would be able to cope with a 45mph impact from another vehicle.


What a complete mess. I literally don’t know where to start.

  • A bus that needs power to just stay upright will always be more energy-expensive than one that stays upright all by itself…
  • One single bus/truck/crane/ whatever that is higher than a car messes up your entire ‘flight-plan’…
    – What about existing bridges, tunnels, overpasses?
    – And nobody gets to carry bikes on the car roof…
  • If a normal bus is involved in a low-speed / city-traffic collision, you likely have only a small percentage of the passengers injured; those on the opposite side are much less likely to be hurt. But when you have a bus that is inherently instable and the entire bus comes crashing down, that percentage is always 100.
  • Where does the energy stored in the flywheel go in case it is ever compromised in a crash? Most likely that wheel will tear up the entire street before coming to a rest in the ruins of some building. Speak about collateral damage!

I’m sure they’re testing these in China already.

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“In a word, Anna Karenina would not have been able to commit suicide if she threw herself in front of a gyro monorail, no matter how much she wanted to.”

Thanks for the spoiler, Mark!



The Chinese tried to make it happen:

They need gyro!


But I’ve read on Boing Boing that it is a wonderful thing!


Also as long as it never, ever gets hit by a vehicle.
I’m impressed by this design, though - it manages to be even more ridiculous than that scam elevated-bus from China. I especially like the design that allows it to crouch down to avoid obstacles, where all vehicles on the road that might interfere with that action magically aren’t there.

Must… also… paper… over… blatant… impossibility… of… design… with… misleading… videos!

It was quite successful - in that it was only ever intended to be a scam. What was weird was how many people bought into it, despite the fact that even a small amount of common sense indicated that it couldn’t possibly work.


Excellent points! Especially the last one. But they’ll never ever crash, will they?

That was the first thing that came to mind looking at the image:

The first time some drunk or distracted driver goes plowing into one of those supports, (even at low velocity) it’s all bad.


Gee, what happens to a gyroscope when you try to make it turn a corner or climb a hill?

Going to be some amusing stresses on those tiny little Trump feet it uses for stability.

And if it derails…that gyro effect is really going to be amusing.


Your move, almost-flying-saucer-bus


I don’t see clearance being a problem.


Some fixes:

  1. Above ground where there’s stupid drivers is going to be problematic. Let’s dig a tunnel system specially for them.
  2. Since the gyro thing causes significant penalties when there’s a breakdown, let’s ditch it and add a second track. Not really needed anyways, since the tunnels can be gently curved.
  3. We can achieve the layering by having many tracks with switching points, and a rigidly managed schedule to avoid congesting at the switching points.

Man, this sounds great! If only major Metropolitan cities had a system like this…


Solution: Take the cars off the road!


You know, where drunk and distracted drivers wouldn’t be a problem,


Looking at that picture, the other thing that comes to mind is how lucky it was that the vehicle on the left wasn’t above anything taller than a sedan car! It wouldn’t have been able to duck down, otherwise! (Although I actually think it’s squashing some of those cars, anyways.)
I’m reminded of things I used to come up with when I was in the fourth grade - I’d invent some absurd gadget and elaborate on it, completely failing to think through the most basic logistics that would have prevented it from working.

Given how low they show the things going, an SUV or small truck would be an impediment…

It’s always been abundantly clear that the first thing you’d need, in order to mass market a flying car, is a completely, 100% non-user controlled, autopilot system. That would be a definite precondition for the development of the technology.

It really is amazing how many people seem intent on re-inventing public transportation, seemingly without being aware that it exists…


Now where would the fun be in that?!


The FAA’s NextGen flight control system that is currently being fielded across the US is trying to do just that. (The congress approved fast-tracked implementation is 100% complete bullshit as it is being forced down the throats of unsuspecting communities. Concentrated aircraft noise and low level flight is the new industrial pollution of the century Automated flight? The FAA can go to hell.)


Which would be better, a gyro bus or a doner kebus?

Maybe a shawarmonorail?


Will this do?