China tightens rules on online news, network providers

As a reminder, this is the alternative to free media:

This isn’t really even about facts so much as freedom of opinion. The west has what I believe to be a crises of fact reliability in online discourse currently, but what about when that doesn’t matter because dissenting opinion is simply edited away in the first place.

It’s stories like this that I try to keep in mind while moderating here.


I have to wonder if this is happening now due to the Trump administration now backing off on China’s monetary policy; human rights have over the last few decades been used as leverage/talking points with China (ostensibly for real change, more likely for theatrics) when discussing trade, etc.

Is China clamping down even more since it reads Trump’s views on the US press as a go-ahead for the clampdown and, therefore, no longer an impediment to talks? Was it more than just a “read” (i.e., some agreement)? And was that greased by this (from NBC):

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