China's super-rich get the lion's share of British plutocrat visas

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Is this true? It would be nice to know definitively with some supporting evidence. It’s very easy to be critical of our own culture because we’re so close to it, and overlook the details of other cultures.

I suspect a housekeeper working for a rich family in the US would probably not be physically abused. I can’t say the same for a Chinese household. The pay is higher for housekeepers in the US, but the cost if living is much higher here too.



Funny how all the pro-Brexit Tory yammering about protecting Little England from the foreign hordes goes silent when their fellow plutocrats from abroad wave some cash in front of their faces.


China’s super-rich get the lion’s share of British plutocrat visas.

Does it follow logically that the lion is Chinese?

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I lived in a small poor country for a few years, and sometimes when talking to other Canadians about the problems facing the country I mentioned corruption. A few times people said something along the lines of “we have problems with corruption here, too.” Which is completely true. But there is a major difference between the corruption we have in Canada and the corruption that country was facing. The corruption there was, first of all, ubiquitous, but also it was one of the major obstacles to development in the country. I think people were just trying to point out that all problems are everywhere, which is true, but there are sometimes qualitative differences in the problems which are very important.


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