Chinese cotton-candy master ruins America


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Mouth. Agape.


I see that he inserted chopsticks into the bottom of the puff – is it customary to eat cotton candy with chopsticks? That takes away the finger lickin’ fun (but would make my wife very happy because she hates when I do that).





Didn’t we have this story 2-3 years ago? This man has not ruined America. He should come and teach us the Way of the Candyfloss.

(Also, I use chopsticks for pickles for the same reason.)


Chopsticks for pickles? Then what’s the point of licking your fingers afterward?

I finish off a jar of pickles every four days (not brined, my blood pressure is fine).


I believe the previous story on this guy that I linked to also contains a link to a story on this guy previous to that one!


So you’re saying all that sugar hasn’t rotted our brains in your experience.

Okay then, anecdote invalidates all other testimony!


“Chinese cotton-candy master ruins America”

Is it because of our delusionally inflated belief in world superiority that the title was turned into an U.S. versus them relationship?

How does this Chinese gentleman fare against other cotton candy producing nations?


He hasn’t fed any sugar to Americans at all, so you’ll have to find somebody else to blame for your pepsi-fueled rampage.


I’ve seen this via BoingBoing at least twice – and from other sites a dozen more times. And I stop what I’m doing and watch the video every damned time.


“Ruins America” is too random to even be hyperbole


That type of hyperbole is going to ruin America soon.


This Russian guy loses points on speed and presentation, but gains them back on style:


That blue glow looks familiar – is he using Corium to melt the sugar?


I was in Xi’an, China last week and watched this cotton candy being made in the Muslim market there. It was amazing. The colors are great. It was all fun and games until one of the kids turned and ran into us. Sticky colored sugar everywhere.


There’s competition, but I think there may be a different emphasis on performance rather than craftsmanship:

edit: Didn’t see the other video. Same guy different location?


My observations from when I lived in Hong Kong is a fair number of Chinese don’t like to touch their food with their fingers. Some burger places even gave plastic gloves with their meals to eat the fries with.


Yup, my using my hands to eat has been noted here in China. Of course, I’d have no problem with this stricture if knives and forks were more widely available. I find it really difficult to pry meat off of a chicken leg with just a pair of chopsticks, so eventually I give up and just pick it up.


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